Assembly Instructions for our Seeders and Planters

This is the Index of links to our printable seeder and planter instruction sheets. If you are shopping for tools, go to the Seeders and Planters page, or choose from the navigation bar above.

Jab Planter
How to adjust and set-up the Jab Planter for seed sizes and planting depth.

Hoss Seeder and Planter
How to set-up and use the Hoss Seeder, and Push Planter, and Seeding Attachment

Hoss Row Marker
How to use and adjust the Hoss Row Marker

Seed Plate Drilling Instructions
How to determine the best hole sizes, and layout the holes for proper seed spacing.

Paper Drilling Template
A printable drilling template. Cut it out, tape to seed plate, and drill through the marks.

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