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Garden Hoe How-To directory

This page is the general list of all the garden hoe related How-To pages. Samples of topics you will find are:


Sweet Corn Guide


Easy Weeding Guide

Be sure to see the Easy Weeding Guide to learn about the agricultural technique used to control weeds before the days of herbicides.


How To Loosen And Improve Clay Soil

Techniques to naturally convert your hard clay soil into a nice loam over time.


Guide to Trenching and Trenchers

When it comes time to dig a trench, check out our Guide to Trenching and Trenchers. It includes info about:

  • manual trench digging methods and tips
  • special hand tools for easier trenching
  • types of powered trenchers
  • trenchers usage and safety info


Drainage Guide

The most popular guide on our site is the Drainage Guide. It details a comprehensive range of home and garden water drainage issues. Some sample topics are:


"Just Tooling Around" blog

Finally, read our "Just Tooling Around" blog for an ever-growing collection of information on topics ranging from "Plowing with a Winch", to an article on "Unusual Wheelbarrows", to instructions for making a "DIY Deer Alarm".