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Easy Pull garden wagon
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Garden Wagon

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Sturdy multi-purpose garden cart with All Terrain wheels. You can buy this garden wagon online with confidence that it will be strong, useful, and long-lasting.

Roll your gardening stuff anywhere with ease! See ideas in the videos below.

Garden Wagon details:

● Large all-terrain tires that never go flat
● 400 pound weight capacity
● Tub mounts to the flat bed or the risers
● Flat bed adjusts from 31" to 38" long
● Great for both outdoor and indoor use
● Never rusts - Never needs lubrication
● Optional trailer hitch here
● 2 Year Parts Warranty
Made in the USA

animation of versions of our garden cart

Multi-purpose, transforming design lets this garden wagon do so many home and yard chores. Easily haul stuff around your garden or home. Makes a nice rolling garden seat!

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Customer Reviews of the Garden Wagon

"Saves time in the garden and easy on the back."

Anonymous, in UT   5 star rating

"The products arrived as described and was put to use the next day. I was very happy with the design and quality of all the tools I had purchased from Easydigging."

Al, from MA   4.5 star rating

"A Great Product for a good price. Great and friendly customer service."

Dave, from US   4 star rating

"Great products and very fair prices. I'll definitely be doing business with them again."

Chris, in OH   5 star rating

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See what you can do with a garden wagon...

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VIDEO of the garden cart in action.   You can do so many things with one of these tough garden wagons that you can not do with a wheelbarrow. The low platform protects your muscles by making it easy to get heavy items from the ground to the cart and back.

After hauling your supplies to the garden or flower bed, pop off the tub, brush off the flat bed, and use the cart as a rolling, steerable, garden seat.


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VIDEO: other uses for a garden cart.   When you are not in the garden, use this wagon for hauling groceries or sports gear, for moving heavy furniture, or to just go fishing. All units now come with large yellow tires, extendable black frame, removable end walls, and the green tub.

Garden Cart Specifications

garden wagon specifications - mobile garden wagon specifications - desktop

"Easy Pull" Garden Wagon : Configurations & Dimensions

    Four Configurations
  1. Flat Bed (for large bulky items)
  2. Tub directly on the flat bed (for heavy loads)
  3. Flat Bed with 1 or 2 end walls
  4. Tub on top of end walls (for lighter loads)
  • Bed: Adjustable to 31, 34, and 38" long, W = 14"
  • Wheels: Diameter = 8", L to R span = 17"
  • Tub: 24" Long, 18" Wide, 6" Deep
  • Height to top of: bed = 10", tub on endwalls = 24"

Trailer Hitch

Trailer hitch for garden cart. ATV towing a garden cart.

Tow slowly on fairly smooth yards or trails.

Trailer Hitch

replaces the D-grip portion of the standard handle.

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We’re pretty confident you won’t be able to damage our carts. We are so confident in our carts that we offer a 2-year parts warranty. We are the only manufacturer to offer a 2-year parts warranty for a utility cart that is made for consumer use, with exception to our new All-Terrain Weatherproof Wheels. (Wheels are a normal wear item, and because of the specific materials that make up the specially designed wheels, they must be properly stored without a load on the cart.)