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Hoss push planter, Single wheel model
Hoss planter seeder attachment only
Row Marker for Hoss Push Planter
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Seeder Attachment

Plant seeds during the Spring, and then unbolt the planter attachment to put on a different attachment to weed or cultivate your garden's rows for the remainder of the season.

This attachment is for all normal clay and loams soils, and even hard soils. It is not intended for sandy or fine soils, or for immediate use in any soils that get really airey (expanded, puffed up, or fluffed up) right after being rototilled.

This is for those who already have a wheel hoe. It is only the attachment - you will need something to bolt it to.

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INCLUDES: Seed Plates 1 through 6

Row Marker
(for the push planters + seeder attachment only)

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The optional Row Marker is adjustable from 6" to 18" row spacing. It easily flips from the left side to the right side, and has a central (up) storage position for when not in use. *More info in the Tabs section below.

The main bracket is fastened to the wheel hoe using two of the same bolts that also attach the seeder.

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The Hoss seeding attachment is the strongest planter out there. After you finish using it, you can switch to a weeding or cultivating attachment to keep the garden paths and rows loose and weeded for the rest of the growing season.

Hoss Seeding Attachment features...

  • Tough steel frame and furrower
  • Precise seed spacing and rate
  • Control seeding depth from 1/4" to 1.5"
  • Includes 6 plates for common crops like...

Big seeds (corn, beans, peas, etc).
Medium seeds (pelleted lettuce/carrots/beets, okra, etc).
Little seeds (cabbage, turnips, onion, broccoli, etc).
* See the Seed Plates tab below for further info.

Be sure to watch the videos halfway down the page.   If you would like to get a combo package that has a wheel hoe + seeder attachment + other weeding attachments, go here to see our best Push Planter combo deal.

This seeder is designed to work well in both tough and normal soil types. It can even bust through soils that are a little baked or crusty, like they get after being rained on then baking in the sun. Be aware that it is not intended for sandy or fine soils, or for immediate use in any soils that get really airey (expanded, puffed up, or fluffed up) right after being rototilled. For those rare soils, use our Big Wheel Garden Seeder for best results.


Customer Reviews of the Hoss Seeding Attachment

"This is a great tool for your garden, if you have a garden it is a must. The planter is awesome, but it doesn't work well in soft tilled ground, so make sure you know which type you need. The hoe, cultivator and plow are awesome, already got my monies worth out of them. "

Doug, from KY  

"The Wheel Hoe seeder attachment is great. I almost spent as much time attaching it to the wheel hoe as I did using it to plant a bunch of corn; neither of which took very long. Saved a lot of back pain! Not many double seeds and not many missed spots either. I highly recommend it!"

Joe, in TN  

"Doesn't seem to work well in soft dirt."
*Note - his purchase was made before we created the large-wheeled Garden Seeder model for sandy and fluffy soils.

Tony, from AR  

"I ordered a Wheel Hoe planter attachment from EasyDigging after reviewing several models by various manufacturers. Once I found a model rugged enough for what I had in mind, I searched where to buy it. EasyDigging had the product and accessories on hand at a good price plus free shipping. I'm happy!"

Bob B, in MN  

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Watch the Hoss Seed Planter at work...

Bayou Gardener's review video.   Demonstrates the planting of beans and okra. Provides details on preparing the machine, selecting and swapping seed plates, and changing seeds. Do always first test over a pan or tray as shown in the video.


Video of mechanical details.   This short video shows how the unit bolts to your wheel cultivator. Provides visuals of the unit's construction. Here you can also see the Row Marker being used in the field.

Six seed plates for the most common garden crops are included with this seeder. They are listed as plates 1 through 6 below.

There are optional plates 7 to 10, and blank plates in three thicknesses, which are also described below.

Plates 1 through 6 are included with the Hoss seeder and with the Hoss Push Planter.

  • #1 – broccoli, cabbage, turnips, mustard and other fine seeds (8 holes, 3/32″ thick)
  • #2 – onion, similar small seeds (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #3 – okra, and {pelleted* carrots, lettuce, chard and beets} (6 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • #4 – small sweet corn, popcorn (4 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • #5 – small peas and beans (6 holes, 1/4” thick)
  • #6 – medium beans, peas, large sweet corn, field corn (4 holes, 1/4” thick)

Plates 7 through 10 are optional plates. They can be purchased individually or as a set at the Seed Plate page.

  • #7 – radish, leek, asparagus, spinach (6 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #8 – cucumber, watermelon (2 holes, 3/32” thick)
  • #9 – butterbeans, lima beans (2 holes, 3/16” thick)
  • #10 – squash, pumpkin (1 hole, 3/16” thick)

There are Blank plates that you can drill for special seeds or spacing. They can be purchased the Seed Plate page.

  • Thin Blank Plate - 3/32" thick
  • Medium Blank Plate - 3/16" thick
  • Thick Blank Plate - 1/4" thick

*Note: These 4 seeds are pelleted to allow them to work in walk-behind seeders. Raw (non-pelleted) seeds for these 4 crops do not work well in ANY seeder.

This seed planter uses flat round seed plates that are 3/32", 3/16" or 1/4" thick for small, medium, and large seeds. Holes are drilled through these plates to create seed spacings ranging from 1-1/4" up to 19". The seed plate makes one revolution for every 19" of ground travel - so plate with 1 hole gives 19" spacing, 2 holes give 9.5" spacing, 3 holes give 6.3" spacing, etc.

The optional Row Marker is adjustable from 6" to 18" row spacing. It easily flips from the left side to the right side, and has a central (up) storage position for when not in use.

The main bracket is fastened to the wheel hoe using two of the same bolts that also attach the seeder.

Close up view of row marker attachment bracket Row Marker for Hoss Push Planter

Row Marker   for Push Planter only, not for Garden Seeder
$38.99    Add to Cart   In stock, ready to ship.

One Year Warranty

  • The one year warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • The warranty lasts one year from date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not cover discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals.
  • Hoss will repair or replace any item that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.
  • In the event repair is not possible, Hoss will either replace your item with a new item of similar composition and price, or refund the full purchase price of the item — whichever you prefer.

Contact us at 573-823-3539 and we will take any action necessary to correct problems covered by this warranty.

Seeder Accessory Mechanical Details

One feature of this unit is the thick steel furrow opener. It is a "shoe" style opener the plows a thin cut for the seeds to drop down into. The seeds travel down through a long steel tube that fits into the rear of the furrow opener. The planting depth of the seeds is set by using a notched selector handle at the front of the wheel hoe's tool bar At the rear of the unit is a compactor wheel that is toothed for strong engagement in normal soils. This rear wheel drives a chain that rotates the seed plates in the hopper. When the units stops moving, the seed plate stops rotating. The Row Marker is an optional accessory. It can mark the next row's location anywhere from 6" to 18" from the current row. It quickly flips or pivots from the left side to the right side, which lets you easily change the planting direction for each new row.

If you do not already have a Hoss wheel hoe, visit this page to see all our Push Planter packages that combine a wheel hoe with this seeder attachment PLUS other weeding and cultivating attachments to handle your garden chores from the beginning of the season to the end.


Why use a seeder attachment instead of a dedicated machine?

Mostly economics... If you have a big enough garden, and enough funds, to afford both a dedicated seed AND a wheel hoe, then it can be helpful to have both. But for many gardeners, the small number of hours that they need a seeder makes it worth the little bit of extra time needed to bolt and unbolt a seeder attachment from a wheel hoe.

Being able to use all the other attachments (Plows, Disc Harrow, Oscillating Hoe, Sweeps, etc) is why many people use the Seeder Attachment instead of just getting a separate dedicated seeder.

You can see all available accessories here on the Hoss Attachments page.


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