Garden Hoes from Easy Digging

Long handled tools for weeding and cultivating

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All with 5 foot long Ash handles...

Grub Hoes

Grub Hoes
  • Use to dig & till the soil.
  • Forged steel blades.
  • Remove sod & big weeds.
  • Good for digging trenches.
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Grape Hoe

Italian Grape Hoe
  • Quickly weed garden & path.
  • Sharp forged steel blade.
  • Do shallow cultivation.
  • Move soil or gravel.
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Fork Hoe

Fork Hoe
  • Cultivate soil deeply.
  • Forged steel head.
  • Prepare fine seedbeds.
  • Remove matted roots.
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Pointed Hoe

Pointed Hoe
  • Easily dig hard soil or sod.
  • Forged steel blade.
  • Create planting furrows.
  • Ridge and hill the soil.
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Detail Weeder

Detail Weeder
  • Pointed tip weeds between plants.
  • Sharp stainless steel blade.
  • Wide sharp edge for larger spaces.
  • Long flat handle for good control.
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Hand Hoes

Hand Hoe
  • Weed in beds & under shrubs.
  • Cast steel heads.
  • Till beds & flower gardens.
  • Create planting holes.
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Customer Testimonials
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I ordered one each of the tools you carry. They met or exceeded my expectations. I have many garden tools, so I have something to compare them to. The 8" grape hoe cuts my soil like it was butter. It is rare to have grub hoes come with such nice edges. I found the fork hoe was particularly good in dealing with spreading weeds like quack grass.
Toby in Lemont, PA

I'm a sucker for trying new gardening tools, and have tried many. Your long handled tools are fantastic; especially for people with low back problems. The azadas are perfect for working a raised garden bed, without walking on top of them. So be sure to try out Greg's selection and order several to save on shipping. I did!
Hank in Jacksonville, FL

I have been in the construction/landscaping/refurbishing line of business all my life. Needless to say I have worked my back to the bone. I am a homeowner who enjoys the weekend "beautifying" my home. This includes getting dirt or weeds out of some pretty difficult places to get to. This tool has alleviated the stress I have to put my back under while doing the things I love to do. With this tool and it's long handle along with the perfectly weighted working end I can get through those blaring tasks which I used to do anything to avoid with no problem!!!
in Tucson, AZ



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Page last modified on 2018-06-05

Hoe and Mattock Tool Selector Chart

  This chart shows which tools are recommended for common garden and digging tasks.

    Tool / Task Grub Hoe Grape Hoe Pick Mattock Cutter Mattock Pick Axe Fork Hoe Pointed Hoe
till a garden YES NO NO NO NO YES YES
break sod YESNOFairFairNONOYES
create a garden YESNONONONONOYES
make raised beds YESNONONONOYESYES
cut pasture weeds YESFairNOFairNONOYES
weed large areas NOYESNONONONONO
shallow cultivating FairYESNONONOYESNO
clear garden paths NOYESNONONONONO
break hardened soil FairNOYESYESYESNOFair
dig in rocky dirt FairNOYESYESYESNOYES
lever stones & roots NONOYESFairYESNONO
chop thick roots NONOFairYESNONONO
break concrete NONOFairNOYESNONO
prepare seed beds NONONONONOYESNO
deep cultivation YESNONONONOYESYES
move & turn mulch NOFairNONONOYESNO
create furrows FairFairNONONOYesYES