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Digging Methods and Tips

This is the Index of links to our digging and shoveling related articles. If you are shopping for tools, go to the Digging Tools page, or choose from the navigation bar above.

Scoop Shovels on the Farm
Julie tells us all the things they shoveled and scooped up on her family farm.

Coming Soon
An article about all the strange hand digging tools there are.

Other Digging related articles...

Guide to Trenching and Trenchers
Helpful information on both powered and manual equipment and methods for trench digging.

Drainage Guide | French Drains for your yard
A multi-page guide explaining how to discover drainage problems and fix them.

Digging Tool Storage
How to safely organize and store your long-handled tools.

Unusual Wheelbarrows
Special purpose wheelbarrows that can out perform the conventional ones.

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