A broadfork should be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

That means it needs to be UNBREAKABLE or REPAIRABLE. Only at Easy Digging do we give you both options PLUS a Lifetime Guarantee.

How to Choose:

Choose the UNBREAKABLE model if:

  • you might turn sod or compacted soil
  • untrained people might use the tool
  • your soil has a lot of roots or rocks
  • you are sometimes rough on your tools

Choose the REPAIRABLE model if:

  • you will not be turning sod
  • only trained people will use the tool
  • your garden soil is in decent condition
  • you want to harvest root crops with it

Helpful Notes...
● There are two sizes of each model, Standard and Tall. Go to the tool's page to pick one.
● The Repairable is called the Adjustable from now on. Being adjustable is what makes it repairable.

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Discover natural ways to Loosen And Improve Clay Soil

All with Free Shipping PLUS a Lifetime Guarantee...

Unbreakable broadfork made by Meadow Creature Woman pulling handles of garden broadfork

Standard = $249 , Tall = $269

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Adjustable broadfork with 7 tines attached Woman using the adjustable broadfork

Standard = $268 , Tall = $287

 Choose size   ▶   In stock, ready to ship.



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Why should I loosen and aerate the soil so deeply?
There are a couple of reasons why. First, it helps crop growth by both making it easier for new roots to reach deep moisture and nutrients, and by allowing rainfall to quickly travel down into the deep areas you loosen. Another reason is root crops - they can grow easier and more uniformly in loose soil, and they will be easier to harvest. A rototiller only loosens the top 5" or so, while a broadfork can reach down 12".


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