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Wheelbarrows for Camping or Fishing

Use a special wheelbarrow for hauling your gear. Forget the backpack.

Over in England they really know how to go fishing in style. While researching unusual wheelbarrows ( see next week's post ) I came across these and said "That's bloody marvelous!"   Watching so many of these videos gave me a temporary English accent...

Here are the advantages I noticed

  • No hurting yourself with an unfamiliar backpack
  • A parent can haul gear for themselves and the kids
  • Ability to carry out lots of fish if you get lucky
  • Camp in style and comfort. Maybe even luxury...

Thanks for reading!       by Greg Baka

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45 second video showing the basic idea.   Look how much gear is on this "barrow", as they call it. See the other videos below for different designs and uses.   Review


rolling a camping wheelbarrow into a car
camping wheelbarrow that is heavily loaded
fishing wheelbarrow with three wheels


So over in the UK, carp fishing is evidently a big thing. And these carp fisherman don't just go fish off a bridge for a couple hours, it's a major event that appears to last a couple of days. They take a tent, a bed, cooking gear, and probably a few bottles of beer. But the real story is how they get all this gear in their little cars, and then haul it cross country to the lake.

Remember that in England they don't have near as many pickup trucks and SUVs as we have here in the USA. So their camping wheelbarrows are designed to fold and collapse a bit to fit into smaller cars. The next video shows one being wheeled up a board into the rear of a hatchback, and then it quickly rolls out and is ready to go when they get to the parking lot. Anybody who has ever camped with energetic kids knows the beauty of being able to hit the trail moments after the car stops.

As we get deeper into this post we will explore the more unusual and unique designs I found, and check out a little bit of the mechanics and the physics.

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Quickly loads in a small car
This 4 minute video follows the guy as he puts the loaded wheel barrow into his car, takes it out at the parking lot, pushes it to the lake, and unstacks all his baggage. How many trips do you think that would have taken without the cart?   Dealer


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Pushing the cart through the woods   A quick 3 minute video showing how on of these fishing wheelbarrows is pushed on a trail. Also some good loading instructions and a quick explanation of the physics involved.   Dealer

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Has cool built-in storage...for custom fitted luggage. He makes some good points about using the front pockets for heavy things like water bottles. The adjustable handle feature should really help those who are shorter or taller than average.   Dealer


This last one is a favorite, just because they built so many tricks into the thing. The three wheel tricycle arrangement looks like it would be fine for decent trails and paths. While having access to the lower handles allows the fisherman to lift it up onto just the front wheel for manuevering over rough ground or through tight spaces.

His demonstration of turning it by pushing down on the handles looks easy, but I do wonder how well it steers while moving. My guess is that it takes a little practice to figure that out.

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Three wheeled version
I think this one would be best for anyone elderly or with a bad back. Having three wheels and two sets of handles gives you the option to use as a wheelbarrow or as a push cart.   Dealer


Even after watching all these videos, I never did figure out why they fish for carp. Is it because they are really big and put up a good fight? Are they good to eat? If you know the answers to this mystery, please tell us all in the Comment space below.

In my next blog post, I will show you some unusual wheelbarrows used for gardening and construction. But they won't be the normal "hardware store" type of wheelbarrow. These will be the unique and mythical ones you find when you're Just Tooling Around...