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Nutcrackers: Heavy-duty Shellers

Definitely not the Christmas decoration type...

It's a couple days before Christmas, and I wanted to do this week's post on some holiday or winter related tool. Snow shovels and busters was my first thought, but they're just not very festive. Then I saw a notice about a local dance group doing "The Nutcracker" and Pow! - a blog post was launched.

There are lots of the cute little nutcracker figurines out there that sit on the mantle and crack about 5 nuts a year. But here at Easy Digging we like for our tools to be a lot more heavy duty and useful than that. So I went looking for some really unique and powerful and amazing nutcrackers.

We will look at snow shovels and ice chippers some other day. For today, stay warm and have a couple of nuts.

Thanks for reading!       by Greg Baka


The most handsome of the bunch.   It appears to work off cam action, which is very powerful. Being attached to a hardwood tray is great for leverage. Made in the USA by HardNutsToCrack.com


cam-action nutcracker

Lever action Nutcracker



Impact Nutcracker Machine


hammer style nutcracker

Hammer style Nutcracker


The batch of videos below all use impact force to crack the nuts. Like hitting them with a hammer, but with style...


Impact Nutcracker   Basically like hitting them with a hammer, but safer. One side has a spring-loaded that is pulled back as the pin rotates along the curved ramp. It is released at the top of the ramp and smacks the nut. I like that all this is run with old treadle sewing machine mechanism.


Tabletop Impact Nutcracker ...I was going to just do hand powered crackers, but this one was pretty cool. It is made here in the USA and sold by Lee Manufacturing - which also has lots of other home scale food processing tools.



Rubberband Nutcracker   If my Grandma would have had one of these when I was a kid, my cousins and I would have opened every nut in the house at Christmas time! This one comes from Redhill General Store. I think they are made by "Texas Native Inertia Nutcracker", but their site is down.


Australian Nut Hammer. They seem to do everything differently Down Under. Basically it's a hammer and a hand-held anvil. The trick is the hammer has a rubber sleeve to grip and hold the nut. I think that after a few cups of holiday eggnog there may be a few smashed fingers...



I hope you had some fun checking out all these cool nutcrackers. Be sure to see our other posts at our Blog Index