The Chillington Tool Company of England

Canterbury Fork sold in the USA by Easy Digging

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The Chillington Tool Company is our British supplier. They are part of the Ralph Martindale company, makers of fine English gardening tools. Chillington Hoes and Forks are sold throughout the world under a number of different brand names, the most famous brand is the "Crocodile".

Chillington tools are hot forged of H080 rail steel - the same material railroad tracks and armored cars are made from. They are recognized as the hallmark of quality, durability and reliability. The Chillington Tool Company has been supplying the garden, agriculture and construction industries with quality hot forged hoes and forks for over 100 years!

In Africa and Asia where these type of tools are used extensively in agricultural, all such tools are commonly referred to as "Chillingtons" in the same way we call all copiers a "Xerox". Chillington sets a high standard for quality worldwide.

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