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The tools are as effective (dreamlike) as I knew they'd be. Perhaps you can solve a mystery for me.....why in the world are these tools not on the shelves of hardware stores everywhere? Before ever using them, I knew they would be the perfect tools for some of the work I've been doing (removing overgrown weedy lawns, building new garden beds). After using forks, picks, spades, cultivators, garden hoes, etc., it was obvious that the appropriate tool would be a long handled tool that one could use standing upright, using the weight of the head to swing the tool downward chopping at the ground and pulling weeds towards oneself, it is just common sense. Thanks for providing the tools I've been dreaming of!
Brian in Vashon, WA.

Best service I have had in a few years. Materials better than I could get locally, and merchant added to and improved on instructions from manufacturer. Merchant was willing to ship to customers preferred method and pleasant to converse with!
John in BC, Canada

Very nice tool. Does what it claims to do. I like it. Only thing that went wrong is the wedge split on me when installing it. But I don't think this will cause a problem. Time will tell as I use it more. Once again, very nice and easy to use. Oh and the shipping of my product came sooner than expected.
Anthony in Alabama

I'm a sucker for trying new gardening tools, and have tried many. Your long handled tools are fantastic; especially for people with low back problems. The azadas are perfect for working a raised garden bed, without walking on top of them. So be sure to try out Greg's selection and order several to save on shipping. I did!
Hank in Jacksonville, FL

The best new hoe I have found, for my body anyway, is the "field hoe" (or "grub, digging, eye, or azada" hoe available from Though still heavier than my favorite old hoe, it is, at 2 1/3 pounds, light compared to most hoes. I like the way the blade fastens to the handle.
- from Hoemanship by Gene Logsdon the respected author of "The Contrary Farmer" and "Small-Scale Grain Raising" and many more great books.

It is clear this merchant has customer satisfaction as his highest priority. The tools he sells are a joy to use.
Erik in Colorado

I used my new grub hoe for the first time yesterday. What a powerful hand tool! It really did make fast work of breaking up the garden soil so that I could plant a cover crop. I had been thinking that as I expanded my garden, I might need to buy a roto tiller. Now I am thinking that might not be necessary. If I only had ONE hand tool and had to depend upon it to grow food or starve, this azada is what I would want to have.
I understand that this is exactly the situation in some 3rd world villages - this is all they have to feed themselves, and it works for them. Great product, thanks for making it available here in the US!
Stefan in North Carolina

I had been looking for a good grubbing hoe for several years. The folks at the hardware stores in our area didn't even know what I was talking about. None of them stock a well made heavy duty digging device such as these. When I found the Easy Digging web site I decided to order two hoes and an extra handle. I purchased a 6 and 8 inch and I like them both.

On the first day with the new 6 inch hoe I tried to dig and pry a huge clump of bunch grass from under one of my muscadine vines. I broke the handle adjacent to the eye ring of the hoe. I guess the lesson is that the hoe is great for severing the roots and digging up things but you still need a good pry bar for the heavy lifting. I was able to saw off the broken end, extend the slot for the wedge and reattach the handle loosing only about 2 inches of the original handle length which was just a bit too long to suit me anyway.

Overall I think theses hoes are a good investment and only a little more expensive than the light weight cheaply made stamped sheet metal ones available at the local hardware store. Well worth the difference in price.
Rodney in North Carolina

Greg did a great job! These hoes where carefully packed and shipped very quickly to me, they arrived in excellent shape! They came with all needed information and parts to assemble them and are good quality items.
Stephen in West Virginia

We received our azadas last night, put them together (easy enough) this morning and finished removing all the weedy sod in our backyard. My husband had started the job with a pickaxe (too heavy for me to wield) and was very pleased with the greater efficiency and ease of his 6" azada. I could work with him with my lighter 4" azada, so we finished the job in a couple of hours.  We are very pleased with the product, both its functionality and its quality.
Grace in California

I ordered one each of the tools you carry. They met or exceeded my expectations. I have many garden tools, so I have something to compare them to. The 8" grape hoe cuts my soil like it was butter. It’s rare to have grub hoes come with such nice edges. I found the fork hoe was particularly good in dealing with spreading weeds like quack grass. The digging hoes were excellent as well.
Toby in Lemont, PA

The tools are as advertised. I ordered both the 6" and 8" azada to replace a 50 year old zappa or saupa (Italian for hoe) that was handed down thru our family. They are very well built and the handle/collar design is superior. Easydigging shipped these pieces extremely quick and they were packaged properly. Overall an excellent experience from a quality supplier!
Ettore in Florida

Thanks for making this awesome tool available!!!

I have been in the construction/landscaping/refurbishing line of business all my life. Needless to say I have worked my back to the bone. I am a homeowner who enjoys the weekend "beautifying" my home. This includes getting dirt or weeds out of some pretty difficult places to get to. This tool has alleviated the stress I have to put my back under while doing the things I love to do. I remember trying to dig up ground or remove weeds with the shovel side of a pick. Picks have such a short handle that I have no choice but to work all day bent over which absolutely KILLS my back!!!

With this tool and it's long handle along with the perfectly weighted working end I can get through those blaring tasks which I used to do anything to avoid with no problem!!!
Chris in Tucson, AZ

This is my second testimonial. We were so pleased with our two azadas that we ordered the 3-prong fork and the triangular weeding hoe. Our community garden plots are full of what southern Californians call devil weed (known elsewhere as couch grass or Bermuda grass), which has to be removed in one complete piece to avoid its underground spread. The three-prong fork does an excellent job on devil weed when we are preparing our raised beds for replanting (four times a year in our climate). We have not yet figured out a lot of use in our sandy soil for the triangular hoe, but I expect we will.

Besides being very useful tools, they are a pleasure to use and to look at. They are so well designed and manufactured.
Grace in California

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