Farmer's Own File with Integral Handle

Also known as a Sharpening File or Reaper's File

Excellent general purpose file to sharpen all your digging tools and more!

farmers own file, two views
  • Double-cut on one side for faster cutting, and single-cut on the other for a more precise cut.
  • 8" file area + handle = 12" long. Width = 1" and thickness = 3/16"
  • It fits well in your pocket for a quick sharpening during your gardening break!
  • Sharpen garden hoes, digging tools, mower blades, even your axe.
  • Also for general "around the house" metal filing and sharpener needs.

Two Easy Ways to Get Your Farmer's Own Files

  1. If you are ordering two or more long handled EasyDigging hoes then do nothing because we will automatically ship you a free sharpener file with your order!
  2. If you want to buy additional files click "Add to Cart" below.

Farmer's Own sharpening file

Sharpening File


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Keep your grape hoe sharp!
Special sharpening file with a built-in handle is often called a Farmer's Own File or a Reaper's file since it was designed to sharpen farm tools. One side is double-cut for fast material removal, and the opposite side is single-cut for finer sharpening.


To Sharpen Your EasyDigging Tools

how to sharpen a garden hoe
  1. Position the tool with the blade pointed up.
  2. File the outside edge only of the blade to a sharp angle (as shown) using the coarse side of the file.
  3. Using the mild side of the sharpener file, lightly remove any nicks or burrs from the inside edge of the blade keeping the file fairly flat and parallel to the blade.
  4. Finish off the outside edge of the blade with the mild side of the sharpening file to an even, sharp edge.
how to sharpen a garden hoe

Easy Digging Tool Care Instructions

Blade Maintenance

  1. Clean soil off the blade after each use.
  2. Keep the blade sharp using the Farmer's Own File.
  3. Before storing for winter, oil the blade to prevent rust.

Handle Maintenance

  1. Clean soil from the handle after each use.
  2. Check the wedge occasionally during use and tap back into place if needed.
  3. Once or twice a year, re-oil the handle using a penetrating wood oil finish like Tung Oil or Danish Oil.


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