Hoss Garden Cultivator Assembly

Double Wheel Assembly

Download or print Double Wheel Conversion Instructions

Components Required

  • 1 complete single wheel cultivator
  • 1 of long 3/8" diameter axle + flat washer and lock nut
  • 2 of Steel Dust Caps
  • 1 of Wheel with bronze bushing installed

Hoss Double Wheel Assembly Instructions

1. Remove the wheel, axle, and wheel arms from the Single Wheel Hoe Cultivator.

2. Assemble the arms onto the wheel hoe frame according to the picture below:

double wheel arm position double wheel arm position

3. If the handles are not attached yet, it is best to turn the tool bar upside down on a hard surface and apply a slight force downward to assure axle hole alignment while tightening the nuts. If the handles are attached, align the axle holes visually.

double wheel arm alignment double wheel arm alignment

4. Insert the long axle. Assemble two dust caps to each wheel. Position both wheels onto the axle.

5. Assemble a flat washer and lock nut to each end of the axle. Using the two 1/2" wrenches, hold the nut on the left while tightening the nut on the right.

6. Tighten until the nuts bottom out onto the shoulder at each end of the axle shaft. If the wheels do not turn freely, loosen the nuts slightly until the wheels rotate freely.

axle for double wheels final assembly of double wheels

axle for double wheels final assembly of double wheels


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